Self Love Starts with You

Self Love Starts With You

The words ‘self love’ have a tendency to be tossed around in the wind, especially lately.  Some may even roll their eyes at these words as they may appear soft and fluffy, lacking any real substance at all. To many, self love is still a conceptual thing that’s ungrounded so it’s natural that there is a lot of misunderstanding around this way of being.

This is still a rather new birthing that’s made its way into our world at this time in our evolution.

Self Love is one of the most courageous and bravest acts

To me, self love is one of the most courageous and bravest acts that one can undertake in this lifetime. It asks for the most astute awareness that one can muster up as we take an inward journey into the unknown where our deepest wounds and pains lie, longing for our attention and compassion. This can feel like an incredibly unstable and uncomfortable place at times and indeed it is. Every wound that has been denied it’s voice feels alive as it now speaks.

And there’s no holding back.

Becoming comfortable in the uncomfortable

Some of the words we hear will bring us to the ground in a foetal position. I know this to be true because I’ve been there, and you see the most courageous part is that when we choose this devotion unto ourselves. We will visit this place many times during a lifetime as the hidden parts of ourselves are ready to be received, released and healed, naturally unravelling as we are ready.

We learn to live at our edge and become comfortable in the uncomfortable.

We become the seeker of ourselves.

Along with the expansion of joy and freedom that self love offers, it ultimately is a healing process which simply means to make whole.

And isn’t it true that those who are loving themselves with a full heart are seeking to do – to be self accepting in their wholeness?

I encourage you dear woman, keep peeling back the layers, keep loving yourself so boldly because you will be illuminated in this place as you will see yourself through the eyes of God.

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