Embracing Authenticity

Embracing authenticity means letting go of toxicity

The reason for this is that authenticity and toxicity are of different frequencies and when they are in the room together they produce a misaligned energy – this is the same for our personal lives.
If we are in a toxic environment, we cannot be real, true and vulnerable because our energy goes into protecting ourselves from the poison that this parasite emanates.

It is a cancer and thrives on keeping things riddled with limitation and fear.

When we choose to claim our authenticity

When we choose to claim our authentic nature toxic people, places and things must be removed from our lives so that our real selves can be openly expressed into a place of flow, freedom and love.

Letting go of everything that is toxic requires immense valour because toxicity doesn’t like to surrender easily, and it holds an even tighter grip as you say your last goodbye.

Choosing the very best of you becomes your purpose and your light

This is why it’s important to choose the very best of you as this becomes your purpose and your light as you navigate into healthier, stronger and more wholesome waters that reside within, the beauty of your authenticity.

This you must trust with every cell in your body, even when it becomes challenging.

Ask for guidance from the heavens, and it will show up at just the right moment in time.

Being true and authentic provides ample space to stand as a sovereign being, moving into a deeply satisfying place of empowerment and self love.

How to start

Look at one thing in your life that causes you pain and discomfort, keep it small so that it’s easier to work with.

Grab a pen and piece of paper and give yourself the opportunity to understand how this pain and discomfort enters your body, when and where.  This is also about taking responsibility too, so we have to ask ourselves, ‘where do I give permission to allow this in?’ because toxicity cannot enter into our being without permission on some level.  Sit with this for a while and start to slowly create distance from what feels toxic in your life, and at the same time knowing you are deserving of your authentic self to shine out loud in this world ~ it’s your birth right!

Give yourself permission to matter.

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