Kind Words

“What an amazing, all encompassing, wholehearted experience. Learning levels 1 & 2 Reiki with Deanne was more than I could have expected or hoped for. A safe, nonjudgmental, open learning environment to truly expand within and without. Thank you!”

Karina Thomson

Kinesiologist, Melbourne
“What an amazing space! And an even more amazing healer, Deanne, who facilitated a heart opening Crystal Dreaming Healing which was a truly profound transformative experience. Thank you! ”

Rowana Cozzella

Musician, Melbourne
“I have been hanging out with this powerhouse every Wednesday night for the past 12 weeks. She has shown me how to love myself by stepping into a space of self acceptance. We are all striving for something in this crazy world and for me it is to love and accept myself. Plain and simple. This beauty shined the light on all those areas that were dark in my life. Areas that I didn’t realise were dark, yet when brought to my attention, knew exactly how it caused struggle in my life.

Deanne highlighted why there was struggle and how to move through it. My life has always been good but now it’s absolutely filled to the brim with all things beautiful….and it just keeps getting better. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Deanne, you rocked my world.”

Maree Mahony

Registered Nurse and Kinesiologist
“The Women’s Meditation is a feminine space where the collective energy of connection and contribution to each other is healing and so uplifting. To share this support network with the other women that contribute weekly to this space is a source of constant guidance and selfdiscovery within my life. Every week I am brought back to my Self and experience simply being with other women. Such a gentle, feminine space that I feel truly blessed to have discovered.

Completing Reiki Level 1 and 2 was also a deeply moving experience and allowed me to explore my spirituality powerfully, taking me to a whole new level of spiritual practise.I have so much gratitude for the community I have found through this space which acts as an anchor of support through times of suffering and a space through which I can share my joy.”

Sarah Manning

Youth Worker, Melbourne
“I don’t think there is anything I have come across in a meditation group that truly guides a woman to discover her true powerful feminine self, who ever she is or wants to become there is a way to find her, embrace her, and express her in this world through love for herself. This has been an empowering journey showing me how my experiences in life were void of ever having known real self love, as a little girl as a woman and the impact of how it sculptured me. WELL THATS ALL CHANGING FINALLY. And theres no fricking way I will allow anything or anyone to take that away again.”

Kristina Chadis

Owner of Skininsight, Melbourne
“My session with you was highly significant for me and I am slowly recovering my energy and really watching my self talk and the way I negate myself. I find it quite interesting to spot the B.S. I tell myself. I am still working through my list, still on number one which was empowering myself by listing and noticing what I am capable of. Thank you for all the immensely practical and wise help you give to me. I enjoy my sessions with you and really look forward to the next instalment.”


Business Owner & Ballroom Dancer
"I began healing and self empowerment work with Deanne in 2013. When we began I was in crisis, dealing with depression, pain, fatigue and several chronic illnesses. I was extremely run down and my tools for dealing with all of the above were poor to non-existent. I was deep in victimhood and very attached to my story around the challenges of hardship I was feeling at that time. It seemed as though I was personally being ganged up on by the universe and that I couldn’t catch a break. A spiral of ‘it’s not fair’ and ‘why me?’ had me going from bad to worse with no real understanding or concept of real self-responsibility.

Thanks to her intuitive guidance, healing insights and strength in not allowing me to fall into my feelings of victimhood, I have shifted drastically since our initial meeting. During our one on one sessions, she held a safe space for me while I faced my sadness, my loneliness and acknowledged my vulnerability. I was able to see that I was perpetuating a lot of my misery by giving too much credence and headspace to programming and ideas that didn’t serve me. This opened up a whole other way of being and self love that I had glimpsed in others, but never actualised myself before.

In our sessions, Deanne helped me change my perceptions and consequently my world view. Through her constant patience and reassurance I came to realise and believe in my value, and purpose and my right to flourish and thrive. If you are feeling challenged in your life and need someone with the knowledge, patience, love and courage to help you see the world differently, I couldn’t recommend another healer and teacher more highly."

Desiree McPhee

Owner of The Green Season, Melbourne
“I had such an amazing session with Deanne, she had such a great energy and the session was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend.”

Teresa Kleeman

Sales, Melbourne
“I adore coming here. It is such a healing, warm and comforting environment. Deanne is exactly where she is meant to be, doing such a beautiful job. She is such a natural at what she does.”

Tessa Sole

Chef, Melbourne