Aromatherapy Healing Bodywork (Massage) Session


How our session will unfold:

You’ll come in and have a seat. We’ll get to know each other a little. I’ll spend some time reading your emotional, mental and energetic body, helping you set an powerful intention for yourself (focusing on what you would like to receive from the healing/bodywork). We’ll then use a Therapeutic Essential Oil to set your intention; this assists directing pure healing energy towards your best interests and for your highest good, deepening your healing at a cellular level.  A bed of highly charged Crystals will also add a empowered energy to your session, ending with a Chakra Balance & Sound Healing to anchor the experience into the physical body.


This bodywork session stimulates your senses to inspire your body, and calm your mind.

Using the highest quality, healing essential oils derived from plants that intuitively balance, harmonize and promote health – emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically.
A deep and profound session releasing emotional/physical pain and discomfort through massage (including Reiki/Vibrational and Crystal healing). Welcoming the infusion of clean healing energy and bringing the body back into its natural state of balance.

Only organic ingredients used.

60 minute session – $125

90 minute session – $160

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