Self Love Woman ~ Women’s Meditation Circle

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Happening MONTHLY, on a SUNDAY from 10-11:30am.

Beautifully guided meditation classes with a strong focus on RAISING YOUR VIBRATIONAL STATE and SETTING POWERFUL INTENTIONS for SOUL GROWTH & ALIGNMENT.

The embodiment of self love, compassion and harmony are the foundations of this class. Empowered meditations that are offered to women who desire real change in their lives. In this circle, we work with the power of healing energy and come together in community. The experiences are profound and have created desired outcomes for women who are committed to their personal growth.

To be well suited to this class – values of growth, self discovery, spirituality, and connection will be important to you.

Limited to 10 women. The doors close at 10am so as to not interrupt the meditation.  Please be on time.

23rd September @10AM Meditation

21st October @10AM Meditation 

18th November @10AM Meditation