Self Love Woman ~ The Journey Home ~ 8 Week Intensive Series

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Self Love Woman ~ The Journey Home 

  • Want to know more of ‘the how’ in starting a relationship of self love?

  • Do you internally feel there is more to you but don’t know where or how to find it?

  • Do you look for your value outside of yourself and are exhausted from doing this?

  • Do you wonder if you are getting this self love thing right?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, I get how you feel, I’ve been there and I’ve spent the last 30 years exploring who I am with a true desire in knowing myself and navigating my life from this internal space.

Starting my journey from a place of shame, self judgement and humiliation to now understanding what self love really means as I confidently step forward in life practising this relationship with myself. It’s been my biggest challenge and my greatest gift and I would love to share with you in how you can design your own relationship of self love bringing you into your own place of wholeness and self acceptance.

You matter to me and I dearly want you to matter to you.

Learn more about how I came to my place of self love…


About the Series:

A healing and emotive space is provided for the exploration of deep internal processes and embodied experiences. Awakening and challenging your inner self, while supporting a clear understanding of what it means to design a relationship of self love.

As a powerful catalyst for change, you have the opportunity to experience your relationship ‘with you’ in a very different way. To meet a part of yourself that you haven’t yet met.

Finding inner peace and presence through self responsibility, compassion and awareness.

This series is for women who are ready to unlearn and re-learn in such a way that integrates alignment into living your full truth.

If you are tired of looking outside of yourself for answers and want to feel fulfilled and empowered within your centre, then this series is for you.


  • Workbook
  • 7 days to Self Love CD or Download (Value $20)
  • 15ml of Seraph – Celestial Love Essential Oil (Value $37)
  • 8 weeks of follow up practices after the series (Value $49, available after the series)
  • 2 Self Love Woman | Monthly Gathering Passes (Value $50)
  • 2 Hour Session with Deanne (Value $220)
  • Facebook Group ~ An attentive support platform for the duration of the series to connect, share insights and challenges as you move through your processes.

Emotional Healing with Essential Oils: 

We will also be working with The Art of Emotional Aromatherapy – to open, and heal the heart as we’ll be focusing on Stage 2 of Healing with Essential Oils. Learn more ~  Emotional Healing with Essential Oils

Each week will be a focused practice with a particular oil, accompanied with a short meditation.

The Oil Kit that will accompany this series is the Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit.

Self Love Woman - The Journey Home

WEEK 1  Starting Your Journey 

  • Examine the definition of self love and it’s impact
  • Energetic Intentions for your 8 week journey
  • Understand the principles of Self Love
  • Dive deeper into Self Trust and the role it plays in the relationship with yourself
  • Learn the 3 powerful Self Love Practices that can be easily implemented into your daily life

WEEK 2  The Power of Our Story 

  • Understand ourselves through the story we tell
  • Recognise the influence of personal beliefs, thoughts and emotional patterns
  • Meet the disowned parts of our story
  • Self responsibility & surrendering blame
  • Examine perfection of imperfection through vulnerability

WEEK 3  Embracing Your Personal Truth 

  • Discern the difference between collective truth & personal truth
  • Create an intimate relationship with your needs through self enquiry exercises
  • Determine your Values: your Personal Code of Ethics
  • Move into Wholeness through Self Acceptance

WEEK 4  Cultivating Self Connection

  • Expand into stillness to access intuition
  • Work with the energetics of ‘Love Vibration’
  • Connect to your inner being through embodied practices
  • Understand the power of the heart & how it influences our responses

WEEK 5  Masculine & Feminine Energies 

  • Understand the nature of each expression within the construct of self love
  • Discern between the unhealthy and healthy aspects of both energies
  • Discover your unique relationship to the Masculine and Feminine

WEEK 6  The Way to Compassion & Forgiveness 

  • Learn what it means to cultivate a relationship of compassion
  • Develop the practice of Forgive, Release and Receive
  • Learn how to be deeply present with the unhealed parts of ourselves

WEEK 7  Anchoring Confidence through Courage

  • Cultivate confidence, resilience, and clarity through personal acts of courage
  • Understand your empowered self through learning the art of boundaries
  • Embrace fear and set yourself free

WEEK 8  Standing in Your Power

  • Integration of self love understandings
  • Design your life of self love through anchored agreements
  • Create the pathway forward through deliberate intention and expression
  • Closing Ceremony

DATES for 2019:

This series runs twice a year.

Thursday evenings, 7:30-10pm.

  • 31st JANUARY 2019 until 28th MARCH (1 week break between Week 4 and Week 5 for integration. Break date: 28th February)
  • 4th July 2019 until 29th of AUGUST (1 week break between Week 4 and Week 5 for integration.  Break date: 1st August)

Limited to 10 Women Who Desire Real Change


(includes $376 worth of extra value with above inclusions – 8 week Online Follow Up Practices for after the Series, Self Love Woman CD/Download, Celestial Love High Vibrational Essential Oil, 2x Self Love Woman Passes to the Monthly Gatherings, and 2 hour Session with Deanne)

AROMATHERAPY TOUCH KIT ~  Can be purchased through me at Wholesale – $160 or if you already have these specific oils you are more than welcome to bring them with you and use them.

TOTAL with 6 Essential Oils: $1159

Pay Non-Refundable Deposit of $199 below and the rest can be paid on the start date of the series.

Payment Plan Available – Enquire with Deanne – 0408 331 227

Disclaimer: This series will ask a lot from you but the rewards will be beyond what you think is possible for yourself.  If you would like to explore whether this is a good fit for you, please connect with me here

I can’t wait to travel along with you on this most important journey!

Love Deanne

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