Self Love Manifesto: Large / Multi


A stunning reminder of who and what you are!

Download this gorgeous A3 poster size ‘Self Love Manifesto’ from Self Love Woman by choosing the ‘Download’ option (take to your local printer or Officeworks and print for about $3.00) OR simply order a hardcopy that’s been printed out on beautiful paper and have it delivered directly to your door. Choose the ‘Printable’ option for a hardcopy version (this price includes shipping).

Give yourself permission to set a powerful intention. Allow your thoughts to be deliberately focussed in a way that empowers you!

Looks beautiful both unframed or framed. Great for the teenager in your life too!

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A stunning reminder of who and what you are!

This manifesto is A3 – a perfect poster size, and when taken to your local printer or Officeworks, you can print this out for about $3.00

OR…if you would like it as a hardcopy sent to your door, simply choose the ‘printed’ option.  This price includes Shipping.

Self Love Manifesto – I trust myself – I am a passionate woman – I am the creator of my dreams – I practice kindness through my thoughts, spoken words and actions – I am responsible for my life – My vulnerability is my strength – I move to the rhythm of my feelings – I am at peace with my body – I practice the art of self forgiveness – I honour my spirit and all that she desires – My greatest devotion is to fill myself with the highest vibration of love – I value my solitude – I let go of emotions that don’t serve me – I am divine love expressing myself – Courage is movement from my heart – I remain faithful to the mystery of myself – I allow myself to explore the unknown so that I can experience a deeper understanding of who I am – Gratitude is a way of being – I am my own teacher and I pay attention to what life wants to reveal to me – When deciding on something, I ask ‘what would love do now?’

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