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A personal growth platform empowering women to know and own their value.

Everything starts with how you feel about yourself.

Self Love Woman is the space holder for deep transformation, helping you to embrace your self value, know your truth, and own your voice. Inspiring you to live a life that matters.

Self Love Woman helps you to embrace a life:

  • where you operate from personal power, integrity, and inner authority,
  • where you can trust the answers that are already within you,
  • where inner freedom and peace reside regardless of circumstance,
  • where you give yourself full permission to be your first priority without guilt or apology,
  • where you can access your own inner wisdom, making decisions that are good for you because you embody unparalleled respect and value for yourself.

It’s time to deeply value who you are; to be seen and heard.

• Do you respect what you see in the mirror?
• Do you take care of your feelings, thoughts, energy, and health?
• Do you yearn for more self-connection, more understanding of who you are in this world?

It’s time to reconnect.

When we allow ourselves to be pulled in many directions - looking for answers outside of ourselves - we disconnect from our emotions, feelings, and our internal guidance system. Disconnected from ourselves, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, grumpy, fearful, stressed and to sit in the energy that something is missing from our lives. It’s from this place that we react, rather than respond to life. It’s the place that leaves us asking; ‘is this all there is?’

I’ve been there. I’ve asked those questions.

Many years ago, I embarked on a journey back to myself. Back to feeling whole, to fully trusting and feeling confident in my natural self. And now, I want to help you take that journey too.

Too busy? Too tired? Too depleted to make time for yourself?

Feeling depleted is easy. The pathway to exhaustion is paved with the daily commitments of our busy, modern lives. But our deepest needs and feelings call for our attention. Their call sounds like niggling doubt, chronic illness, a lack of inner peace, and unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

Learning the Art of Self Love is the way back to wholeness and stability, and to understanding who you really are.

There is only one relationship guaranteed to last the duration of your lifetime. The one you have with yourself. So isn’t it time that you gave it your undivided attention?

In-Person Events and Workshops for 2019 in Melbourne

Self Love Woman - Stand In Your Power

Half-Day Workshops in Melbourne

2019 Spring Workshop: 20th October
2019 Summer Workshop: 8th December

Sundays from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Standing in your personal power is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

When we acknowledge and understand our power, knowing that it's there for us - not against us - we can learn how to navigate life with much more direction and intuition without letting self-doubt become the loudest voice; rather, we learn to embrace and work with it.

Join Deanne (that's me!) in this Half-day Experiential Workshop where we'll do some good work together.

You'll have the opportunity to discover more of yourself through these three points of focus:

  • Deep enquiry for clarity.
  • Embodied practises that provide a pathway for accessing personal power.
  • A willingness to be seen and heard.

The Self Love Connection

A Women’s Online Global Membership Programme

Come along and join other high-quality women who value growth and are looking for a place to connect with like-minded souls from all over the globe who are on similar paths of understanding.

The Self Love Connection is an intimate online space facilitated by Deanne, specifically designed for those who have a desire to understand their internal world along with deepening their relationship with their inner being.

This space allows for awareness, insight, clarity, and healing - the ownership of self.

Launching in 2020.

The Self Love Connection will have limited spaces so keep yourself in the loop for all the details and special offers on its arrival!

Self Love Woman - The Journey Home™

An in-person 8-week intensive series in Melbourne

2020 Summer Series: 30th January
2020 Winter Series: 2nd July

Thursdays from 7:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

  • Is trusting yourself wholeheartedly and taking deliberate action based on what you feel challenging for you?
  • Do you find yourself feeling an inner truth rising within only to be shut down by self doubt?
  • Do you wish you could speak what's truthfully in your heart without fear of judgement?
  • Do you wonder what life could be like if you were to confidently stand for yourself without seeking external validation?
  • Are you constantly putting others first at the expense of yourself and what you really desire (treating yourself as second best)?

Learn how to cultivate self trust and acceptance, embrace your truth, and own your voice in this powerful and beautifully challenging series.

Self Love Woman - The Mastery of Self Love™

A 6 Month Personal Mentoring Programme

A high touch program created for your personal transformation.

Work with Deanne Mathews - One to One.

The Mastery of Self Love™ is designed to take you through deep internal processes that challenge your current way of being whilst creating an empowering and exciting pathway forward.

During this programme I will be your personal and trusted guide, holding your hand along the way, showing the way forward to designing your own unique relationship of self love.  You will learn how to fully value who you are, know your truth, and own your voice.

As I only work with a handful of women at any given time, please fill the form available via the 'Apply now' button below to arrange a time for a 30-minute 'phone conversation to make sure this programme is right for you.

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There is no judgement, only understanding, and to understand who you are it’s important to speak your truth.