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At Self Love Woman, we believe that women are capable of changing the world – one heart at a time.

A firm believer that change births change, the Self Love Woman Foundation supports select cultural and community development organisations and projects that meaningfully promote, nurture and enhance the empowerment of women.

Become The Movement: wear one of our SLW pendants

By purchasing and wearing one of our sterling silver pendants, you’re not only demonstrating the commitment you’ve made to loving yourself, you’re also helping to support a woman seeking the same opportunities as you and I, to cultivate and express their most empowered self.

With every purchase you will impact up to 7 women from around the world; providing a one day business to a woman living in Bihar, giving an education to an Indian village girl, business training programs for Malawian women, kitchen gardens to sow food and on-sale produce in Afghanistan, sewing training to the women of India, educate a rescued girl in India, and sponsor vocational training for children and women in Cambodia.

Check out the projects we are involved in and the impacts that we are making together.

And thank you in advance for helping to support and change another woman’s life.

Provide a 1-day course to support a family

Invest in the future of an impoverished woman living in Bihar by providing a one day business plan and training course.  This course will help to impart relevant financial literacy skills to record transactions to women who are establishing their own businesses, enabling them to support their families and contribute to their livelihood. Your contribution is ensuring the sustainability and continuity of this project to make positive impacts in womens' lives.

We've given 8 days of business training to women in need.

Provide a business training program

Help a woman who received a micro-loan establish, grow her business and lift her family from the cycle of poverty by providing single days of business mentoring sessions fortnightly. On-going training is essential in imparting relevant skills such as financial literacy to ensure that their businesses are sustainable and profitable in the long run, allowing them to contribute to the livelihood of their families.

We've given 6 days of business courses to women in need.

Provide sewing training for women

Provide sewing training for women for a day so they can get a job or start a home business. Many women in Bangladesh who live in the slums have no skills and cannot help provide for their families. As part of our community development program which centres around primary school education for children from the slums, we provide sewing training for 180 women each year (many of whom are the mothers of the school children) greatly enhancing their self-esteem and their ability to assist their family.

We've given 7 days of sewing training to women in need.

Educate a village girl

Help a village girl break free from the vicious cycle of poverty by sponsoring her to attend a vocational training program for one day. The program offers stitching classes to these girls, enabling them to become skilled individuals and giving them opportunities to earn a living. This initiative also encourages women’s participation in the economic and social development of the community benefiting everyone as a whole.

We've given 4 days of educational support to a disadvantaged girl.

Give a kitchen garden to an Afghan woman

Empower an Afghan woman and allow her to become self-sufficient by financially supporting her in establishing her own kitchen garden. Your contribution will provide an Afghan woman with the proper training, vegetable seeds, and fertilisers over a 6 months period. Upon completing of the training and learning how to sustain a kitchen garden, she will be able to feed her family and sell any excess produce in the market for income.

We've given 7 days of occupational training to women in need.

Sponsor Vocational Training

Allow children and young women who are at risk of trafficking or returned from trafficked situations to gain financial independence by giving him or her one day of vocational training.  This vocational program provides these children with training in sewing and computer skills, allowing them to gain better employment opportunities in the future.

We've given 2 days of vocational training to children and young women in need.

Educate a rescued girl

Empower girls who are rescued from commercial sexual exploitation by supporting a vocational training program for one day. The program imparts a combination of life skills, literacy and vocational training such as stitching classes to these girls, and thus gives them employment and income-generating opportunities as well as the ability to be independent earning members of their family.

We've given 2 days of vocational training and education to rescued girls.