Pellowah Healing

Available in Melbourne with Deanne, Pellowah is a simple, yet powerful healing modality that activates the 12 strands of DNA to unblock and realign the meridians in the body so that a feeling of self connection and well-being is received. Pellowah (derived from an angelic word which means ‘a radical shift in consciousness’) primarily works on the mind / spirit connection rather than the physical body. Conditions with a psychosomatic relationship, such as body / mind connections, often respond well to this type of healing.

Pellowah uses the hands of the therapist to channel energy from ‘Source’ in order to help the body re-establish equilibrium and a harmonious balance to the energy centres (chakras) and meridians. During the healing, the therapist moves her hands above the client’s body without touching him / her. Pellowah is a very delicate and high vibrational energy so no music is used during the healing. The session is quiet, without any type of feedback during the treatment, and lasts from 45 to 60 minutes. After the healing, the client will generally feel light, stable, and emotionally balanced.

Also available as Remote Healing

This healing is also offered remotely achieving the same results. When booking your session, please book under 'Pellowah Healing Remote' and Deanne will be in touch with you via email to understand your needs and intentions for the healing.

Single sessions are available for $120.