The Inner Work Session


A committed approach to self discovery, healing, and growth.

Have you ever wanted to discover more about who you are? To understand yourself better, and your inner world more intimately? The Inner Work Session is about you taking the next step back home to yourself. Let me (Deanne Mathews) help you on your self discovery and growth journey, where I'll guide and provide mentoring to a more loving, peaceful, and honest way of living. One that is true for you, and one that brings understanding, acceptance, and inner peace.

This is a 2-hour session available in-person in Melbourne.

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How I work and what you can expect from our time together

I help provide an essential pathway to living a life that is more honest, soulful and self loving.

One of my gifts is to read energy – mental, emotional and energetic patterning in the body and how it plays out behaviourally in your daily living. We’ll place our focus unearthing these patterns together, paying close attention to what is no longer useful for you and what it is that keeps you separated from your Empowered Self.

In a compassionate and firm way, I’ll be able to help you see and understand things about yourself, that perhaps you hadn’t understood before. This will be delivered to you with such clarity. And when you have clarity, empowered change is available and implemented with much more ease and awareness.

As much as I work energetically, I am also very practical in my work. This means you will take away a grounded approach to engage with, and embody the pathway and strategy we create together so you experience more wholeness, optimism and confidence in your life.

The second part of the session works directly with the power of healing energy. In my experience, energy work helps the client shift, integrate and embody at a much quicker rate. This is a hands-on healing experience where we will open up to higher frequencies in energy. We’ll then use a Therapeutic Essential Oil to set your intention; this assists in directing pure healing energy towards your best interests and for your highest good, deepening your healing and insights at a cellular level. A bed of highly charged Crystals will also add an empowered energy to your healing, ending with a Chakra Balance & Sound Healing to anchor the full session into the body.

Single 2-hour sessions are available for $270.

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