Reiki Mentoring

For Reiki Students & Practitioners

Develop Your Confidence as a Healer

Do you want to establish a beautiful healing practice where you serve your community with a full heart - all the while being paid doing something you absolutely love?

This is possible. I have achieved this myself and would love to show you the way in which you can do this too.

What to expect

Mentoring with me asks you to take an open and committed approach to your growth process. Our main focus is to develop you as a confident and empowered healer.

We'll look deep within and acknowledge the parts of yourself that are in the way of truly embracing your path as a healer. And you will have my help in exploring this side of you - always with compassion, love, and care. This is all part of the process of development and is vital to acknowledge if you are to take on the path of helping others heal.

At the same time we'll celebrate your strengths, gifts, and creativity that lives within you too (maybe you haven't even seen that part of yourself yet?). We'll magnify, utilise, and leverage your biggest expression that feels good to you, expanding your offering as a healer.

In conjunction with this, we will also develop your business mind, with a focus on marketing and communication in a way that stays in alignment with your integrity and truth. People are often afraid of putting themselves out there when it comes to creating a business but it doesn't need be that way. When we learn the skillset, it's actually really easy to implement.

I only offer Reiki Mentoring to those who are serious about taking the next step towards creating a healing practice. If you would like to discuss further, please contact me and I will come back to you with a time for us to talk to see if we are a good fit in working together.

Deanne x