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Self Love Woman - The Journey Home™

An in-person 10-week intensive series in Melbourne

Begins 23rd March 2022

The journey to Self Love isn't a simple formula or a one-size-fits-all approach.  Self Love is a personal journey that is unique to you.

Our unique life experiences mean we all have individual paths to living a life with Self Love.  When we learn to explore our inner landscape, identity, recognise our own responses, and practically apply our inner wisdom we have the foundations to design a relationship of Self Love that's fulfilling and unique to each of us.

This Series is for 8 women who are committed to their growth and have a true desire in learning to create self intimacy in a way never experienced before.

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"The Journey Home is truly a transformation program.

Deanne expertly guides you to deep dive & uncover aspects of yourself in a way that feels so natural, without the forcefulness & resistance that I’ve experienced with other personal growth programs. I learnt to see myself, my experiences & my life with a whole new set of eyes – eyes of compassion, understanding & radical self-honesty which has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me & for that I’m so very grateful.

A heart felt thank-you to you Deanne. You & your work is truly amazing. I know that doing this has been one of those game-changing moments in my life."

Caroline Oxford

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"This work is a deep inner transformation guided in the most compassionate and courageous way. The way Deanne holds space - fiercely and passionately creates and imparts the material which results in fundamental changes in your journey of self love.

I can't thank you enough Deanne, nor express truly how grateful I am for what you have helped facilitate in me; power, compassion, courage, and self responsibility."

Maddison Newman

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"My initial introduction to Deanne was through her Reki sessions. She holds a very safe and gentle space for anyone who walks into her studio. Everything you need is in this beautiful space and I always walk out with a weight that has lifted.

But for me her best work has been through her courses, mainly because I had to show up for myself, as myself, and while it can be confronting to see aspects of yourself good and not so great, this change has been the most significant for me.

The Journey Home is an 10 week course, and it’s truly shown me what self love means, how often I “check out”, where I can now show up for myself, how to trust my intuition and inner guidance as opposed to asking everyone else what they think I should do.

Deanne is strong, vulnerable, authentic, loving, inspiring, courageous, fearless and a woman who embraces her life’s journey in every way."

Serena Goodes

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